Jessa Duggar hasn't said too much since delivering her second child last week. Henry Wilberforce Seewald was born on Feb. 6, weighing in at just under nine pounds. She went a few days past her original due date. Fans worried that she was having another home birth after how the first one turned out.

How labor went

In an exclusive interview that will be printed in People, Jessa Duggar revealed that things were much easier the second time around. She was prepared for the worst and had everything arranged in case she bled out like she did with Spurgeon.

Instead, everything was calm and relaxing according to the new mom. Both Duggar and Ben Seewald were surprised at how fast things went. Her first labor was almost 48 hours and then she had to be rushed to the hospital. This time, her home birth went well and no one had to be rushed anywhere.

The couple didn't announce their second child's name until a week after he was born. Fans were waiting for what seemed like forever and then, with the release of a simple video, Henry Wilberforce Seewald was announced. Jessa had promised he would have a unique name like his big brother, but Henry is more normal than anyone thought. Both names mean something to Jessa and Ben, and that is all that matters.

What does the future hold?

Right now, the couple is getting adjusted to being a family of four. Two sons is something both Jessa and Ben Seewald are excited about. They have discussed adopting children, and that will likely be the next route they take. Jessa mentioned they would need a bigger home to start. There was also mention of the youngest biological child being at least nine months, though it is unclear whether or not that is an actual stipulation.

The Seewalds are looking forward to growing their family with both adopted and biological children. Jessa Duggar enjoys being a mom and she has shown that she is definitely capable of raising a family like her mom. Fans believe she will have several children, but not as many as Michelle Duggar.