Angelina Jolie might be dating again after her split from Brad Pitt. While the gossip sites have concerned themselves with Pitt's love life post-divorce, Jolie's name is starting to come around and new reports indicate that she has moved on to find love with someone new.

Has Angelina Jolie moved on?

Everyone seems to be wondering who Jolie might date next. Perhaps known for her "interesting" taste in men -- or maybe it's more her interesting relationship habits, like carrying vials of her lover's blood around her neck or tattooing her beau's birth coordinates on her body -- her next relationship is going to be highly scrutinized, analyzed, and dramatized, there's no question.

That said, it is being reported that Angelina Jolie is dating her former co-star, Jared Leto. The two first met while filming "Girl, Interrupted" and were also co-stars in the 2003 film, "Alexander." The two have reportedly been "hooking up" for a couple of weeks. Sources say that Jolie and Leto "have chemistry" and the relationship is "just what Angie needs right now."

Will they go public?

This is another question on everyone's minds. Will Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto -- if they are indeed dating -- actually take their romance public. While no one can know for sure, a safe guess would be "no." Chances are, Jolie isn't ready for the public to judge her (again) and, unless things are really serious, she probably just wants to fly under the radar for a bit.

Can you blame her? Her divorce from Brad Pitt was (and still is) huge news and seems to make headlines every other day.

What about Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson?

If the rumors about Brad and Kate dating are true, there seems to be a better chance of them taking their relationship public long before Jolie and her new beau. Sources say that Pitt and Hudson are getting closer and really enjoying each other's company, even though Kate's family has continued to deny the rumors.

Do you think there's any truth to either of these rumors? If so, do you think either of these relationships can last?