Baby number two has been born to Jessa Duggar Seewald and her husband Ben just three days ago, and they are now a family of four. The reality couple is just getting used to having another little boy to care for. The new bundle of joy, who does not have a name just yet, joins big brother, Spurgeon Elliot, in their growing brood. What does the one-year-old think about having a baby in the house?

A picture is worth a thousand words

The Seewald family posed for a nice snapshot that was posted on the Duggar official Facebook page that showed off their two kids.

Jessa is holding the newborn, while Ben has Spurgeon sitting beside him. They are obviously proud parents and are thrilled that they have two healthy boys now. The photo also shows little Spurgeon with an adorable look on his face. He almost looks a little shell-shocked from all of the recent excitement that has happened in his home. As with most kids his age, he may not know exactly what to think about it all.

The curly-haired cutie is too young to know what was in store for him while his mom was pregnant Now that his baby brother has finally been born, he will have to get used to not being the only child in the house. Jessa and Ben Seewald had said in their first video since the delivery that they are thrilled to have another boy.

They mentioned that Spurgeon and his little brother would be best friends, just like the Duggar siblings are.

A little less drama for the Seewalds

The Duggar daughter’s first delivery with Spurgeon had a little bit of drama mixed in as she had lost a lot of blood after he was born and they had to go to the hospital for further medical care.

They were both fine and perfectly healthy. Although there are no details spilled yet on Jessa’s second delivery, she did say that she got quite emotional after baby Seewald number two was placed in her arms.

The mom-of-two does look great just a couple of days after she gave birth. It sounds like her second home birth went more smoothly than the first one.

Duggar fans will be able to see all the details of this new baby’s birth soon on TLC’s “Counting On.”

The reality show not only follows Jessa Duggar Seewald through her second pregnancy, but also Jinger and Jeremy’s lead up to their wedding, and Joy’s new courtship with her new guy, Austin. Will there be another pregnancy or a wedding soon? Be sure to catch "Counting On" to see what happens next.