The natural history series "Planet Earth" made its debut back in 2006. The award-winning episodes gave us awe-inspiring overviews of our beautiful planet. Now, ten years later, BBC America will start airing the new series "planet earth ii" on February 18, with subsequent episodes showing every Saturday night.

A returning favorite

Sir David Attenborough will once again narrate the series that can be viewed in 4K Ultra HD with DISH’s Hopper 3, and of course, a television equipped with the ability to do so. DISH will be offering a free preview of BBC America from February 14th through March 30, 2017, which will give customers the ability to watch the new series in both HD and 4K.

Vivek Khemka, DISH executive vice president and chief technology officer has noted that it has been more than a decade since the "Planet Earth" series has captured our attention, and now. the second installment will deliver even better viewing options. She has commented that because customers have been wanting more 4K programming in their homes, the brand has been making every effort to ensure the consumer’s satisfaction.

BBCA President, Sarah Barnett has also chimed in, stating that the breathtaking visuals in "Planet earth ii" are notably impressive and astonishing. This makes the collaboration a happy one because it allows the viewer the chance to enjoy a close exploration of amazing landscapes and some of the planet’s most beautiful and unique creatures.

Viewing made better with new technology

Like the original version that aired a decade ago "Planet Earth II," will explore the islands, mountains, jungles, grasslands, deserts, animals, and cities of the world. This time around the series will take advantage of new technology available such as the latest camera stabilization, remote and aerial drone recording, that can only mean more closeups of things that many of us may never see in real life.

Check out DISH channel 540, and in HD on BBCA channel 135. It is also available to customers with the Hooper 3 and 4K TV. The program will air on consecutive Saturdays from February 18 through March 25.