Horizon Zero Dawn” will go on sale next March 1 as one of the most important PS4 exclusive games of 2017, and from Guerrilla Games have wanted to make us wait shorter until the arrival of the action adventure of Aloy RPG publishing a new trailer focused on amazing and incredible combats between the Strongest Warrior in planet Earth and the most fearsome Beings of the Universe. We have already been able to enjoy the new game from the creators of “Killzone”, and we tell you what we found in our complete analysis of “Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4”. In addition, here we leave a compilation with the notes that is taking the exclusive PlayStation 4 in the international press.

Next, we share with you the latest good news about this shocking game of Power for surviving. Let’s see below.

The plot

We remind you that although there are still some days for “Horizon Zero Dawn”, Guerrilla Games” has already assured that they will meet very soon to talk about the future of the game and its possibilities of becoming a new franchise. In addition, in the study do not rule out that the possible sequel “Horizon Zero Dawn” features new characters as protagonists, but also say that Aloy will always be a fundamental part of the game's history. According to the press release that filters this information, this new sequel, will feature scary scenes, battles and creepy places, however, will attract millions of fans with this new format, wrote the source.

Giant Bomb (100/100)

This has been one of the five Portals that have given the perfect note with the title developed by Guerrilla Games. "Horizon Zero Dawn” is as familiar as it is refreshing, he argued in his analysis. "It's not a short game (it took us about 30 hours to get past it), but its narration does feel concise and efficient.The combat has nice options that make it fun, and the presentation of the game with its soundtrack, great work Voice dubbing and its consistent design makes all its parts fit in.

Guerrilla's strongest launch to date. " As we can see, what is coming is surprising.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.