"Horizon: Zero Dawn" launches on the PS4 next week and Guerrilla Games appears to think it has a winner on its hands. There's little explanation as to why the developers have allowed the embargo to end with so much time until the official release date. It appears the confidence the developers have in the PS4 exclusive are well founded. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" reviews are landing all over the place and to one degree or another, all the reviews have been positive. Check out the reviews below and get excited for the official release.

Giant Bomb

Not only did the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" review from well-known video game website come up very positive, but Jeff Gerstmann, who isn't known for glowing reviews gave the game five stars.

On the positive side, Gerstmann says the combat is refreshing, even when that combat is mostly being carried out from behind cover. It appears even the soundtrack for this title is something to talk positively about. If there is one negative pointed out by Giant Bomb's review it's that the story isn't particularly long, weighing in at just 31 hours. The site gave the new IP 5 out of 5 stars.

The Nerdist

The Nerdist has called "Horizon: Zero Dawn" a masterpiece of an open world game. The review on the PS4 exclusive centers on the look and feel of the game as many of the other reviews have done as well. This website points out that the narrative is done in such a way that a real mystery has evolved out of the story.

One can guess that the mystery is how the landscape came to be dotted with these machine animals in the first place. While the game isn't extra long, there are enough side missions to keep people interested that the reviewer hadn't finished them all. The Nerdist gave the title 4.5 out of 5 stars.


IGN isn't quite as effusive as its counterparts, though it does touch on the same subjects the other reviews have done as a big positive. The world in "Horizon: Zero Dawn" is both pretty and immersive. The mystery in the game is written in such a way that it grabs attention. This site gave the game 9.3 stars out of 10.