"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that a new character is on his way to Salem, and his ties to the small, yet dramatic, fictional town will leave some viewers shocked. In addition to the new character and his shocking history in Salem, rumor has it that this new mystery man will also serve as an eventual love interest for Gabi Hernandez, who is currently still pining away for the very married Chad DiMera.

A mystery man comes to Salem

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Valerie is hiding a deep, dark secret. The doctor, who is struggling with the passing of her ex, Julie's son David, will soon be found out.

It seems that Valerie and David had a son together, but that Valerie never told David or his family about the child, a now grown son named Eli. Now, Valerie's son will be heading to Salem to shock everyone involved, most of all Julie, who never knew she had another grandchild.

Valerie has some explaining to do

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Eli will get suspicious when he finds out that his mother lied to him about being in New York, and when he shows up in Salem his presence will send Valerie into a panic. Eli, who is reportedly an FBI agent, will find his mother and make a surprise visit to Salem to see her and get answers. However, that is now all Eli will uncover. Eli will also find out about his father, and Valerie will be left to explain why she lied about David.

Since Eli has family in Salem he may choose to stay, and if he does Gabi could be a perfect match for him.

A new love interest for Gabi?

As many "Days of Our Lives" fans know, Gabi Hernandez is currently still very much in love with Chad DiMera. However, she's agreed to back off since Chad and Abigail are married and working on their relationship.

Sadly, this doesn't change how she feels about Chad, and a new man could be just the thing she needs to get over Chad and back into the swing of her own life. Perhaps, she'll even help Eli deal with the fact that he'll never get to know his biological father due to his mother's betrayal.