It's no secret that Donald Trump and his supporters are not fans of celebrities in Hollywood. After the president took part in a controversial press conference on Thursday, top celebrities decided to speak out.

Hollywood on Trump

Just when it seems like Donald Trump can't outdo himself, the former host of "The Apprentice" finds a way to make it happen. As his administration is dealing with the fallout from the Michael Flynn scandal, Trump is finding a way to deflect from the controversy. The president held a press conference at the White House on Thursday and after quickly announcing his new nominee for Secretary of Labor, he went into an hour-long rant against the media.

Republicans in Congress were reportedly embarrassed by Trump's actions, which many believe was more of a spectacle than a serious interaction with the media. In response to the chaos, some of Hollywood's biggest names decided to offer their thoughts, as seen across Twitter on February 17.

"This better be the last reality-TV star, pussy grabbing, blathering idiot of a Russian puppet we ever elect.

Cuz I'm not doing this again," actor George Takei wrote on his Twitter feed. In a follow-up message, Takei continued his onslaught on Donald Trump. "You complained in the campaign the press didn't cover leaks enough. Now you complain when they do," Takei tweeted, before adding, "They're doing their jobs, sir. Do yours."

Actress and former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell, whose feud with Donald Trump is well-documented, took to her Twitter account to express her thoughts on the president.

"He is sick - it is obvious," she tweeted, while also re-tweeting several critical posts and articles about the commander in chief.

Filmmaker Michael Moore used his social media account to voice his frustrations as he was ending his night on Thursday, posting, "Seriously.

That was 12 hrs ago & I can't get 2 sleep! Am I not alone on this? The whole country should have a hard time sleeping tonight." Comedian Chelsea Handler decided to take a more humorous approach with her social media criticism, tweeting, "Trump says his administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. Sort of a like a pipe-bomb."

JT on Trump

In a more subtle jab at Donald Trump, Justin Timberlake made a quick comment about the president after speaking to TMZ on Thursday night. When asked if he thought Trump was doing a good job in the White House, the former lead singer of N'Sync rolled his eyes and simply said "stop it."

Moving forward

As the backlash surrounding his administration continues, Donald Trump and his team are showing no signs that they will be changing their ways anytime soon. While critics of the president and much of the media were quick to pounce on the aforementioned press conference, Trump supporters cheered and saw it as a victory and validation of their agenda.