Although Angelina Jolie (41) and Brad Pitt (53) are carrying on with a difficult divorce, both actors continue to believe in love. The "Salt" star is hooking up with Jared Leto and Pitt is starting a relationship with Kate Hudson (37). Since Jolie separated from her husband, she began to see Leto in secret. Pitt's new romance was revealed thanks to Hudson's mother, comedian Goldie Hawn (71), she told the press that they are looking for the best way to make their relationship public. In the midst of a legal dispute involving custody of their six children, Jolie and Pitt are looking for ways to continue their love life in the most harmonius way possible.


Jolie and Leto met in 2004 when they worked together on the movie "Alexander." During the filming, they got along very well and both were impressed by the artistic talent of the other. When the actor knew that the "Gia" star had separated from her husband, he decided to call her on the phone to invite her to dinner. Since then the artists have been dating in secret. Pitt was sad about the divorce and started a friendship with Kate Hudson, then that friendship became romance. This was confirmed by Hudson's mother, Goldie Hawn, who told to the press that they would soon formalize their romance and make it public.


Pitt and Jolie continue the process of their divorce, with the most difficult part being the process of resolving the custody issue surrounding their six children.

The actress wants total custody of them and Pitt fears that she will not let him see the kids anymore. What annoys Jolie most is that Pitt is receiving a lot of support from his Hollywood peers. The actress does not appear to be getting that kind of sympathy from those same Hollywood peers in the industry. It is rumored that the cause of their divorce was that they never agreed upon a proper way to raise and educate their children.

Jolie is permissive with the kids and never scolds them, instead, her ex-husband was strict with them because he believed that that was the best thing for the children.