Things have really been heating up on "Grey's Anatomy, " and Jo finally admitted to Alex the reason she can't get married. She is still married to someone, but he doesn't know where she is at and she is obviously scared of him. Jo doesn't want him to find her, but now there is fear that this could be exactly what is going to happen to her. Last week it was revealed that Alex won't be going to jail. Now TV Line is sharing that they are casting a new character and everyone is wondering if Jo's ex could be joining the show.

What is the new casting call?

The word is that they want to hire a Caucasian actor in his mid-40s to play a new doctor who is "appealing, charismatic and charming." This sounds like a great guy that could be a love interest for someone. The other spoiler is that this guy has a "manipulative, scary dark side." This is what has fans thinking it could be Jo's ex. It would be the perfect fit for the story line, but everyone is going to have to wait and see who they cast. If they are just now casting, that means that it will be a bit before this person actually joins "Grey's Anatomy."

The fans are really hopeful that Jo and Alex will work things out. If Alex's temper, if Jo's ex shows up, that might not be good for them.

He just barely escaped going to prison, and he will have to find a way to keep himself in control. Right now, Jo and Alex aren't together, but you never know what will change when she finds out that he isn't going to prison and will still be working with her every single day. It is obvious that she really does care about him.

They just could work it out.

Do you think that this will be Jo's ex that is coming to "Grey's Anatomy" or a new love interest for someone? Who else do you think it should be? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" on ABC. So far, Meredith is the only one who knows that Alex didn't go to jail and so tonight the viewers will get to see how everyone feels about this and how Jo reacts to the news.