In an argument over the weekend, george clooney has slammed Donald Trump and Steve Bannon as Hollywood elitists. According to him, the US President and his chief strategist are both “Hollywood elitists” that the supporters of both always reject.

George Clooney on Meryl Streep’s Speech

George Clooney, the Oscar-winning actor, had appeared on “Rencontres de Cinema,” the French program. He mentioned Meryl Streep’s speech she gave in the Golden Globes in the month of January when she had blasted on the president. Mr. Clooney believes that conservatives should not dismiss Ms.

Streep's speech just because she is a rich actress.

Mr. Clooney said that when Ms. Meryl was speaking, people from the other side started calling "Hollywood elitist." He stated that Donald Trump had 22 acting credits and he got $120000 per year from the Guild pension fund of Screen Actor. Thus, he stated Donald Trump to be a Hollywood elitist.

Clooney supported Ms. Maryl Streep’s for her right to speak

About Steve Bannon, Mr. Clooney said that the truth about him was that he was a failed director and film writer. He further continued that it was the reality that he was also a Hollywood elitist. He stated that Mr. Bannon wrote a rap musical about the riots in L.A. that he could not get made. Mr.

Clooney very strongly said that he could not found it right when people opposed her saying that Ms. Meryl should not speak up this. But according to him, whatever she said was right, and she should definitely speak up since she had the right to do so being an American citizen. He added saying that she was an American before becoming an icon.

Clooney says Americans will fix damage done by Trump

Mr. Clooney had been endorsing Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency and said that people of America are resilient and would definitely find a way to fix the loss done by Mr. Donald Trump. He said that though the Americans might have done a number of dumb things they are also quite good in fixing the wrongs. He said it was hard to imagine that Donald Trump became the president but it should be treated as a funny situation since humor is an essential part.