Most "Pretty Little Liars" fans have their theories. This is certainly the case for who Uber A will turn out to be. Each of the fan theories have some weight and there are some that are apparently close to the way that the show is going to end, according to some of the cast members. However, one fan (or maybe a group of fans) claim to know how the show will wrap up later this year. The fan shared all on a Twitter account.

There may be spoilers in this article. It is difficult to tell, since it's unclear just how much the Twitter user knows. Chances are the "Pretty Little Liars" theories are just theories right now, so it may be worth taking them with a grain of salt.

Does Alison have a secret twin?

The main "Pretty Little Liars" theory is that Alison has a twin. This is certainly plausible since her mother was a twin. In season 6 we found out that Jessica DiLaurentis had a secret twin called Mary, and in season 7 we learn that she is Spencer's biological mother. Let's not get into just how crazy and messed up all that is -- poor Veronica Hastings!

In the books, Alison is the one with the twin. And yes, in the books it turns out that the twin is A. Is it possible that I. Marlene King will follow the book storyline to help wrap up "PLL" for good?

Will Mona die saving the Liars?

Another theory is that Mona will meet a grave end.

While trying to save the Liars from a fire, she will pay the ultimate sacrifice. This fire is going to take place in the Institute of the Blind, where Alison's twin was sent after losing her sight during the drowning incident -- she was the one drowned and not Alison. This is another storyline that is taken from the books.

What do the theories tell us?

We know that the Twitter user has likely read the "PLL" books. Many of the theories have been taken straight from the books that the show was adapted from.

However, King has already made numerous changes to the storylines to prevent the same ending as in the books. It could be possible that the Twitter user is just spoiling the "Pretty Little Liars" book ending but has no idea what will happen in the TV show.