Angelina Jolie and the kids have been visiting Cambodia, promoting her pet project “First They Killed My Father,” a story relating to that country’s history. Jolie is not exactly new to Cambodia and its bugs. She and Brad Pitt adopted their oldest son, Maddox in Cambodia back in 2002. However, since then she has been involved in her newly premiered film, which based on the true life story of a child living through the Khmer Rouge genocide in that country and describing that terrifying experience through that child’s eyes.

She told People that she thinks that bugs have always been a part of the diet in Cambodia, but more especially during the war, as it was a method of survival.

She told the BBC that when people have no food, they have to find ways to survive, even if that means eating bugs and spiders.

Angelina Jolie started with crickets and beer

Angelina said she and the family had been traveling back and forth to Cambodia for 17 years and that it felt like a second home to her. Jolie went on to explain how she developed a taste for the unusual cuisine, by first starting with a few crickets washed down with beer, then moving up to tasty tarantulas. Reportedly Knox and Vivienne bravely helped Angelina prepare the food and even tucked into the odd hot fried bug or spider.

Jolie herself thoroughly enjoyed some fried spider’s legs, saying the flavor was “really good.” However, according to Knox, bugs taste like “dry chips” with no flavor. Jolie went on to say that eating scorpions was a little more difficult, as they are apparently a little “hard to chew.” Of course, many readers would find all of those insects hard to chew!

Angelina Jolie and her split from Brad Pitt

While speaking to the BBC a while back after filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie didn’t say too much, just that it was a difficult time, but that they are all still a family.

She says they will always be family and will get through this difficult time and will hopefully end up even stronger from their experiences. Meanwhile she is obviously keeping the six kids amused and together, even while making movies and traveling, along with the odd scorpion or spider snack.