General Hospital” spoilers say Valentine’s Day in Port Charles will be spectacular. A new “GH promo video shows some hot stuff for many couples, a love triangle kicking off, a new couple finally getting intimate, and another deciding to take the plunge.

A Valentine’s Day proposal

Ned is ready to show Olivia he’s serious about being her de facto baby daddy. After he talks to Dante about his plan, Ned gets a big fat diamond ready to go and drops down to one knee to pop the question. The only surprise here would be if Olivia says no.

Sexy time on February 14th

The video promo shows Sonny and Carly heating up for heart’s day but the discovery of Nelle’s bra in his bed and the fake infidelity reveal will shake CarSon to the core. Also on V-Day, Kiki and Dillon finally get undressed. Dillon asks if she’s sure – Kiki is – and it’s game on.

Valentin wrecks the big day

Imagine the Cassadine heir wrecking the day he’s named for, but he does it. Nina and her man are at the MetroCourt steaming up but “General Hospital” spoilers say Anna has an emergency and Valentin ditches his wife and runs off to save the Brit. It’s trouble in paradise.

Franco pitches a hissy

Elizabeth and her main man are cozy at home and he’s rocking a cute little man ponytail when there’s a knock at the door from handsome doctor man of God.

Griffin shows up at Liz’s front door with his gorgeous smile and Franco isn’t pleased. Liz asks, “Why are you so insecure?”

Hook-ups and break-ups

Who will survive February 14th intact as a couple? Kiki and Dillon are doing fine and Nathan and Maxie get physical, enjoying their new bond as husband and wife. But Sonny and Carly will hit the skids soon – as will Nina and Valentin, and Franco struggles to contain his dark side.

Wedding bells soon?

With the Nurse’s Ball confirmed by Frank Valentini and coming soon, will Ned and Olivia get hitched then? “General Hospital” spoilers say everything explodes in hearts, flowers, romance, and roses – with a few fireworks here and there starting tomorrow.

Sweeps comes to a shocking finale

“General Hospital” airs weekdays, and “GH” previews show that Liv meets her sister Ava soon, fans continue to be concerned about Kirsten Storms, and big plot twists for the rest of February sweeps.

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