"General Hospital" star Kirsten Storms' health concerns are raising many questions from dedicated "General Hospital" fans. Storms, who plays GH fan favorite Maxie Jones, has a new look that has some fans greatly concerned these days.

'General Hospital' star Kirsten Storms sickly look, make up for upcoming soap plot, or real health concern?

Fans might not appear to be as concerned if they did not already know that in the past decade Storms has taken a number of leaves of absence due to health issues. In the past several weeks fans have noticed a rapid and major change in her appearance, and in her character's looks.

A normally healthy and energetic young woman, of late, Kirsten's appearance has been described as very thin, gaunt, and overly made up on set.

Kirsten Storm keeping a major secret from 'General Hospital' fans?

Due to her recent appearances on the show, fans are concerned that Storms, who was diagnosed back in 2011 with endometriosis (which forced her to take a year off), could possibly be suffering from something even more serious these days. Since then the actress has also undergone a number of huge life changes. She married, had a baby, and underwent a very difficult divorce after a three-year-marriage to "General Hospital" co-star Brandon Barash.

In 2016, following the divorce stress, the actress had been described by some as looking overly tired and worn down with stress.

Neither Storms, nor Barash have openly discussed their split in any form. By summer of last year, Kirsten was taking yet another leave of absence from the show for an undisclosed skin issue. During this time period, the news of her recent divorce was making the rounds publicly, with fans believing that Kirsten just needed some time away to get herself together following the split.

Known as a very private person, Kirsten has not responded to fan questions concerning her recent change in appearance. Sadly, when a celebrity undergoes such a drastic change without explanation it opens them up to massive speculation, and rumors. That being said, some of the recent speculation includes rumors of a serious health issue, or a possible drug dependency issue.

Dedicated fans have been to bat against others on this subject, defending Storms over some of the harsher speculation, despite their loyalty, some cannot help but wonder, themselves. Have you noticed a change in the actress?