"Dancing With the Stars" is working on casting for the next season, and the rumors about who will be on the show are going crazy. Now Billy Bush's name is being thrown around as someone who might be joining the show. There are a lot of rumors, but it sounds like Billy wants to be picked up for this next season.

Why does Billy Bush want to join the upcoming season?

Billy used to be on "Today, " and now that he isn't it is time to fix his career. Billy allegedly feels like being on the show will really help him out and will be worth it. A lot of people would see him on the show, nd if he impresses them then it could end up getting him picked up for a new job.

A production insider says that Billy is begging to be on the cast, but of course, nobody knows if they are going to take him or not yet.

The insider even shared saying, "Billy said he would be willing to take a pay cut, and take a sum much lower than the other contestants." It sounds like he is willing to do anything it takes to be on "Dancing With the Stars." It turns out some of the higher up people on "DWTS" don't want people to just join the show to fix their image. They have had a lot of people do this over the years, though. Ryan Lochte is a perfect example of someone that did that just last season.

The new season of "DWTS" won't be airing until March when "The Bachelor" is over with and so they don't need the cast quite yet.

They will have to figure it out pretty soon and nobody knows for sure if Billy Bush will end up being on the show or not. On March 20, the season will start, but the contestants will need a bit of time before that to prepare. It will be interesting to see if Billy gets cast on the show or not.

Do you want to see Billy Bush on the next season of "Dancing With the Stars"?

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