What a week we have ahead on "Days Of Our Lives." The stakes go up as more lives are in danger, as Deimos continues to show his true colors. It isn't all bad news in Salem, though. There is some good stuff coming our way! Don't continue to read if you don't want to know. Spoilers follow!

It's Stefano! The Phoenix escapes yet again

As the group in Prague prepare for the Masquerade Ball, Marlena disappears! She shows back up in time to continue the plan. At the end of the party, Stefano is arrested, only to escape! Though he is gone for good, Marlena is convinced it was Stefano.

Hope is free! She made some promises and she hasn't forgotten. Her friend Hattie is on her mind. Eric is drawn into Hattie's story. Hattie is attacked! Plans for the wedding of Steve and Kayla are in full swing. The guest list grows and they prepare for the return of their daughter Stephanie! All is well with the loving couple for the Valentine's Day vow exchange.

Deimos is a madman causing havoc!

A crazed Deimos kidnaps Gabi and Chad. As Deimos shows his rage, Chad is injured! Gabi tends to his wounds and tells him she still loves him. Elsewhere, Abigail is freaking out over their disappearance. She hooks up with Darios to search for the two. Andre is on the hunt as well so that he can save his younger brother.

Darios wants to leave the hospital, but Abigail isn't so sure.

Nicole and Brady are growing closer and a jealous Deimos sees it! Brady is there for Nicole as things start looking up on Chloe's side of the custody battle over Holly. He wants Nicole to do something a little strange, but does she? Spoilers tell us that Brady has a new love interest arriving just in time for the Johnson wedding, however.

It looks as though he and Nicole won't be moving their relationship to the next level. Brady's love life comes together as Nicole's falls apart. Paul and Sonny finally get some alone time. Will things move forward between the two? They have been holding back for a long time!

Spoilers have been reporting for weeks that a new doctor is on his way to Salem. This gorgeous hunk has a twist that will heat up the set of "Days of Our Lives."