Divorce reason for 'Flip or Flop' couple

Even though Christina el moussa recently stepped out publicly with Gary Anderson (the "Flip or Flop" couple's former contractor), and Tarek El Moussa was recently spotted out and about with another woman, the dissolution of the "Flip or Flop" couple's marriage has seemingly left many fans in a state of mourning (perhaps even denial), as they try to find answers -- and closure.

The internet is still in a frenzy, with various Google searches related to the former couple, and their post-split lives, including Gary Anderson's age.

Given the fact that Christina El Moussa was recently spotted out with new beau Gary Anderson, the belief among many is that Gary Anderson was the reason for the split between Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa. Though the degree of Gary Anderson's involvement in the former couple's split is unknown, with the new couple out and about, it's not difficult to see how many fans have drawn such a conclusion.

Tarek El Moussa spotted with ex-wife look-alike

While Christina and Gary Anderson seem to be taking their relationship to the next level, it also seems that Tarek has gone back to playing the field following his filing for divorce in January. Tarek and a new woman were spotted at a Newport Beach restaurant, prior to taking a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, according to Perez Hilton via E!

That said, according to the photo released of Tarek El Moussa and this unidentified woman, it's worth noting that she bears a striking resemblance to Chirstina El Moussa. Coincidence? Not likely.

What's next for 'Flip or Flop'?

Even though the worst of the divorce drama is behind them, it's interesting that the former couple have been so open about flaunting their new lives in front of the cameras, and in front of each other, particularly in light of the fact that they still have a great deal of filming left to do this season.

Either way, this behind-the-scenes drama and all the juicy details that are likely to surface as a result will undoubtedly keep fans interested, and keep viewers glued to their screens. Interestingly, this may be the very thing that will boost show ratings, and may give HGTV the push they need to keep the show intact amid cancellation and spin-off rumors.