"Days Of Our Lives" is really making some changes. On January 24th, Blasting News reported that award-winning Ron Carlivati had been hired as the new head writer of the long-running soap opera. We all knew he would change things, but how?

What are his plans for the show?

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, executive producer Ken Corday gave us some details. He said that Carlivati told him that he wanted viewers tuning in to stop asking why they were having storylines go the way they were. As fans of the show, we can all relate to that statement.

There were constant streams of posts on fan sites talking about the happenings on the show. Fans were very upset at times with how the writers had the show going. And it showed! The ratings were falling.

Carlivati doesn't just want to make subtle changes. He wants to totally change the loved soap opera. He plans to have viewers laughing again, crying, and enjoying the show like before. He plans to have those wonderful couples again that viewers love to see together rather than each new couple end in heartbreak. Aren't we ready for another great love like Bo and Hope?

It feels like coming home!

The new direction of "Days Of Our Lives" with Ron Carlivati's plans seems more like coming back to a place we have been before.

The show has changed so much over the years under the stewardship of the previous head writers.

Ron Carlivati has an impressive background. He started on "One Life To Live" in 1996 and worked his way up to the Head Writer job. With two nominations for Daytime Emmys, he took one home in 2008. When the show was cancelled, he joined "General Hospital" as the Head Writer.

The Writers Guild of America recognized his accomplishments in 2014 and 2015.

There have been rumors of cancellation surrounding "Days Of Our Lives." With the changes the new Head Writer plans on bringing to the show it is obvious the executives are trying to turn things around. With the changes they are talking about, the ratings could easily go back to where they were before.