When Vincent Irizarry showed up on the set of "Days Of Our Lives" his character could have gone either way. As the long lost brother of Victor Kiriakis who had served many years in prison, he showed up wanting to make amends, however.

When did Deimos come to town?

The character Deimos first appeared on January 18, 2016. He has taken many twists and turns since coming to Salem but in the end he proved that he belongs on the short list of bad guys on "Days Of Our Lives."

Having won the heart of Nicole after she lost Daniel, Deimos seemed to be doing well.

Of course, that couldn't last. Nicole's love life never seems to end in happiness. Everyone warned her about him and wished she would leave him. She lovingly stood by him and continued to believe in him until there was no choice but to see what he actually was.

Deimos has gone from someone skating on the edge of trouble and being discreet to the one leading the show! His poor associations and choices have put Nicole in jeopardy and have her facing murder charges. Holly's custody is an issue as well because Nicole had Deimos in her life and Chloe refused to allow him into Holly's. Of course, Nicole would give up a man to have her child but it got way too out of hand, way too fast, and Chloe filed for custody.

When is he leaving?

According to She Knows, Vincent Irizarry will be leaving the show mid-year. The taping of "Days Of Our Lives" is way in advance. For that reason, though his filming has ended, his character is around for a bit longer. The current storyline of Deimos does lead viewers to believe that he should be heading back to prison.

Of course, this is Salem and there are other options. Could he end up on the run from the law? That would make it possible for him to return to Salem in the future to stir things up again.

The final air date for Deimos (and actor Vincent Irizzary) has not yet been confirmed, but, stay tuned for more news and updates from "Days Of Our Lives" as the information becomes available. In the meantime, be sure to catch the next episode.