"Days Of Our Lives" fans won't want to miss the February 9th show. The final scene that has Stefano in it plays. The show is planning a tribute to celebrate joseph mascolo's portrayal of the beloved villain.

Goodbye to a loved cast member

Stefano had been a part of Salem since 1982. He made a career out of shady business dealings and terrorizing a few of the other town residents. The current storyline has him in Prague with Marlena (Deidre Hall), Rafe (Galen Gering) and Leann Hunley (Anna) on his heels. As they confront Stefano, they have an opportunity bring up all the times he caused pain and suffering for them.

The cast members made a video in which they shared their memories of Joseph Mascolo. They had an opportunity to speak as themselves, not their characters. The words they used to describe him and the stories they shared show how much respect and admiration they all have for the late actor.

There will be other villains that join the set of "Days Of Our Lives" but none will ever be able to fill the shoes of Stefano. He had a unique way of being the bad guy you couldn't help but love to hate. So many times fans have thought he had been killed in a battle with one of his many adversaries. Each time he would "rise from the ashes," getting the nickname The Phoenix.

How does the story end?

As the storyline goes, Stefano will disappear when he gives the group the slip.

The supporters of Hope have accomplished their goal, however. They have successfully verified that he is still alive and Hope is not guilty of his murder. This news will find her on the run after a prison escape.

Chad and Andre Dimera are the only legacies Stefano has left behind. Though Andre is incredibly sneaky, he falls way short of the level his father was on.

He has shown he is ruthless both in business dealings and in handling his enemies. Chad is a more level-headed businessman and would prefer to handle things discreetly.

Make sure to tune in to the long-running "Days Of Our Lives" to say goodbye to the wonderful actor Joseph Mascolo and the character he brought to life, the infamous Stefano.