"Days Of Our Lives" comings and goings for the week of January 23 - 29, 2017 reveal that some big things will be happening in Salem. One dead character will even make a big return for a huge storyline. According to Soap Hub, actor Shawn Christian will return as his former character, the late Dr. Daniel Jonas, in spirit form to interact with the character of Nicole Walker. As many "DOOL" fans may remember, Daniel and Nicole were engaged to be married before he was tragically killed in a car accident caused by Eric Brady, who was drunk at the time.

Daniel Jonas returns as Nicole learns the truth about baby Holly

"Days of Our Lives" fans will reportedly get to see Daniel return to be a source of comfort to Nicole, who will learn some shocking news this week. Nicole will finally find out that the child that Chloe Lane gave birth to is actually her own daughter with Daniel. Nicole, who has longed to be a mother her whole life will not get the moment she had hoped for with the baby. Sadly, there will be a huge fight over custody of baby Holly, as Chloe will not want to give her over to Nicole thanks to her relationship with Deimos Kiriakis.

A shocking Kiriakis family member headed to Salem?

On Tuesday, "Days of Our Lives" viewers will see actress Silvia Tovar play a social worker, likely interacting with Chloe and/or Nicole.

Tuesday also brings back actor Craig Welzbacher as Myron. Meanwhile, as previously reported by Blasting News, a casting call has gone out for an actor to play the role of Alex, a mysterious new role of a man in his 30's who will come to Salem to shake things up, and be a ladies man like his father used to be. Many fans believe that Alex could be Alex Kiriakis, the son that Justin fathered with Jack Deveraux's step-mother, Angelica, back in the 1980's.

Although the child was rarely talked about, and hasn't been seen in decades, it looks like another member of the Kiriakis family may be headed to Salem. If so, Sonny will probably have some serious competition to deal with when his half-brother comes to town.