'Dance Moms' the hit show on TLC channel is under heavy fire after ALDC's Abbey Lee Miller -- who is the instructor -- is facing jail time after fraud cases. 'Dance Moms' is into its finale episode in season 7 and they started filming in 2011. "Dance Moms" which is a huge TV hit is known by many kids and their adult parents, and the balance of the show is in question and rumors speculate about the show and the teacher's path.

Abbey Lee in jail?

Her sentencing which is in only days is based on fraud charges, and could be is upwards of 5million dollars in fines and jail time.

She is facing a federal court judge to determine her fate. If she is convicted she could be facing time in jail, plus her mega fines of 5 million.


In June of 2016, Miller withheld $775,000 income --which was from the show-- from the IRS. Prosecutors are apparently pressing for a 30 month jail time, when her lawyer says only 3 to 6 months with parole is more likely. When season 7 of 'Dance Moms' was in production she was required to travel overseas to EEuropeand in order to do this she has had to go to the court legal process to request permission to travel, which she was allowed to do. She is currently living free but that will soon be ended in a couple of days.

Dance Moms season 7 finale

As for the show - shouting, fighting and dance competitions always fueled the American show watchers. But as that drama is often fake as said when some Moms were interviewed, the term 'reality' is in question. With previous cast members such as Chloe Lukasiak in the show for the finale, many are questioning the show's new path.

Next Tuesday on TLC, the show will air its finale for the season.

Final say is unknown

With the show over, the fate of 'Dance Moms' is unknown. A season 7 B is ready to be thrown into the makings.

The world is awaiting the fate of instructor Abbey Lee Miller, and we will see when the court makes its final hearing. Till then, 'Dance Moms' will continue to be a major hit and the fate of this world famous TV show is in the hands of the fans and the courts.