The uncertainty of "Dance Moms" has been in question for quite a while now. First, there was word that the show would be ending after this last season due to Abby Lee Miller's legal issues. Then, there were hints that the entire elite junior team would be leaving the ALDC and the reality tv show to join another studio somewhere else -- which also led people to believe that maybe former member, Maddie Ziegler, would be making her return to try and save the show. But it seems as though all of those claims have been false. Former elite team member, chloe lukasiak, has apparently hinted that she will be making her return to "Dance Moms" in order to save the Lifetime show.

Will Chloe Lukasiak return to 'Dance Moms' in order to save the show?

In the season 7 finale, the former elite team member made her appearance. She didn't dance in any of the routines, but instead sat in the audience and watched the other girls perform. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Chloe stated that she had heard of the possibility of "Dance Moms" coming to an end. She then told her mother, Christi Lukasiak, that they should go to the national dance competition that the Abby Lee Dance Company was attending and see what everyone had been up to.

She made her entrance by saying "Who missed me?" Lukasiak surprised her former team members. She then dropped the bomb on them that she was considering competing again.

Chloe said that she's done some acting and landed a few roles but wanted to dance in 2017. She said that hearing about how "Dance Moms" was ending made her sad considering that that's what the majority of her childhood consisted of.

Chloe's relationship with Maddie Ziegler isn't what it used to be

Since Chloe is making her way back to the show, some fans are still wondering if maybe Maddie will make her way back as well.

As that would please a lot of fans and definitely help the ratings, it doesn't seem very likely considering how well she is doing with her acting and dancing in the professional world.

Although there were many feuds between the two dancers (mainly pushed onto them by Abby), they were also a duo to be reckoned with. The pair always had duets together and always came out on top.

Not to mention, they were also the best of friends. But according to Chloe, she lost contact with her former teammate a long time ago.

In the same recent interview with Teen Vogue, Chloe stated that they both just got so busy with their careers that they never seemed to have time to see each other. She also said that nearly all of the former members lost contact with each other. All things considered, it's safe to assume that the girls would welcome Chloe back to the team with open arms.