What is JetSuite X? JetSuite X, founded by Alex Wilcox, is a small charter aircraft service. Their fleet --which is small-- has 30 Embraer 135 private jet planes. They also have smaller 4 seat planes for less populated flights and routes. Founder Alex Wilcox wanted to find a way to make private jet planes easier and more accessible to use from an average American perspective. From flights to Burbank and Concord to Las Vegas and San Jose, they are planning on growing their locations as they plan on getting big.

JetsuiteX - is it really only $100 for a ticket?

Yes, and could be a less, or more depending on destination and time to travel. For example, a flight from Mammoth Lakes to Burbank CA is only $79.00 nonrefundable and $199.00 refundable. A one-way trip from Burbank to Concord is only $139.00. Prices on flights do range depending on time of day and destination, but all flights stay under the average commercial airliner price scope. They also commonly have flash deals, where some flights have been as little as $29.00 yes, $29.00. More flash deals are soon to come.

Are there any amenities?

Like first class flights on commercial airliners, JetSuite X offers Wine and Spirits on their flights. They also have chips and crackers and cookies on their flights, and for non alcoholic beverages, they have Coke, water and some Juices.

They also have free WIFI.

Main amenities

  • Flight attendants
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • lots of legroom
  • private jet interior
  • Extra soundproofing
  • No overhead storage bins, luggage goes under the seats or exterior hatch.
  • Free WiFi onboard and Free inflight entertainment
  • Power outlets on all seats
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Free snacks and drinks in private terminal
  • couches in terminal
  • 2 pilots
  • No TSA
  • No hassles
  • Easy loss of item claim
  • JetBlue TrueBlue membership points


Commercial airline ticket prices on first class private jets.

With no TSA security check, no long lines, and craziness JetSuite X is the only nonmembership jet charter company out there. For more information visit JetSuite X's website. So get ready grab a ticket and experience an awesome private jet-like experience for commercial airline prices.