'united airlines, fly the friendly skies.' -- Theses "friendly skies" are starting to not seem "friendly". Let's recap. In January, 12 News .com reported that United Airlines (UAL) kicked off an unaccompanied minor and left him -- a 13-year-old boy -- stranded at a New York airport. Then, as Market Watch reported, passengers flying UAL through United's family program were refused by a gate agent to board a plane because they were wearing Yoga Pants. Following that, mainstream media including the Daily Mail ran the story of a doctor from Louisville who was forcefully removed from a flight because he did not give up his seat when bumped.

Finally, a couple post marriage was asked to leave a plane when they moved up a couple seats.

Unaccompanied Minor left at Airport

A Virginia boy flew from Dulles to New York to visit his mother when on his return flight he never actually flew. He, among other passengers, were removed from the flight. The boy, spoke to his brother, his legal guardian, through texts the brother was confused as reported by the Consumerist, the family paid an extra $300 to ensure he was accompanied at all times. Somehow it seems that United employees weren't aware of his UM status when he was left at the gate. His brother had to drive to New York from Virginia. The flight was refunded and the brother was compensated for his travels.

Confusion about Yoga Pants

Family members of a United Airlines employee traveled using UAL's family pass program which offers discounts and deals for their flights. But, two passengers, family members of an employee were denied access to board a flight when they were wearing yoga pants. Many took to Twitter, hitting hard on United for dress code issues.

United stated under rule number 21, the dress code placed for employees must be adhered to.

Man removed from flight forcefully


David Dao a man from Kentucky was flying from Chicago to Kentucky when he and 3 other passengers were asked to change flights so that United employees could travel. UAL offered $400 and a hotel voucher for a 2:30 pm flight the following day, but when no one took the offer it was moved to $800 and nobody took that offer, so instead of moving the offer up again they used a computer system which randomly selected four passengers and one passenger did not want to give up his seat. He said to United Airlines that he was a doctor and needed to get work the following day. After a failed phone call, Chicago Aviation Security forcefully removed him and dragged him down the aisle.

The video has sparked many Parody and jokes

Newly married couple removed from UAL flight after moving seats

A couple post-marriage moved to seats a few rows up on a flight when they found another passenger sleeping across their seats. Apparently, they had moved into Economy Plus seats. United said they were okay with the change of seats, as long as they paid the additional fare, which they did not wish to do. They were removed, although not forcefully and United Airlines booked them for a flight the next day.