Christina and Tarek El Moussa have had a very rough two months. It was revealed back in December that the couple was separated, and earlier this month, Tarek filed for divorce from his estranged wife. The two had been married seven years before the split and apparently had been living apart since last May. When the news was leaked, fans of "Flip or Flop" were shocked.

Keeping up appearances

The El Moussas were able to keep up the family appearance while living separate lives. Over six months went by without anyone finding out they were separated.

Back in May, Christina El Moussa called the police on Tarek when he stormed out of their Orange County home with a gun. While no one was taken into custody, there were rumors that she believed he was going to harm himself. The police showed up but eventually left without incident.

Filming for Season 3 of "Flip or Flop" has been happening without any real drama from Christina or Tarek. The two are good at keeping up with what needs to be done and acting like they like each other when they need to film. Rumors circulated that he was quite mean to his soon-to-be ex-wife, but that was not the case. Tarek has come out and trashed the fake claims in the tabloids, saying they just aren't true.

'Flip or Flop' Season 4

HGTV announced that once Season 3 finished filming, there would be no new episodes going forward. It wasn't exactly canceled, but it sort of was. Season 4 of "Flip or Flop" was almost a definite thing until the drama of the separation was released and their lives became very public within a matter of days.

Because the show is based on a husband and wife flipping homes with their kids along for the ride, a divorce just wasn't good for the show. Reports are now indicating that Christina and Tarek El Moussa want to be able to continue filming the show despite their divorce. They are committed to acting in a professional manner and keeping their business life intact. Of course, HGTV has not yet responded to their request, but it appears that it won't be the answer they hope to hear.