The Chrissy Metz gastric bypass rumor is just so much hot air, says the "This Is Us" star. Metz appeared wheelchair-bound and sparked a viral question about the plus-sized star having bariatric surgery. Metz did debut some weight loss and a gorgeous gown for the 2017 Golden Globes ceremony, where she and co-star Mandy Moore were nominated. The "American Horror Story" actress laid to rest questions about whether she was contractually obligated to lose weight as well.

Why the wheelchair, Chrissy Metz?

When the "My Name is Earl" actor appeared on two wheels, it prompted a flurry of "Chrissy Metz gastric bypass" search queries.

Celebrity weight loss is a hugely popular topic. There is some question that her character of Kate on "This Is Us" may undergo weight loss surgery. So folks assumed that in order to play a woman who has been surgically reduced, Metz would either have to lose weight or have bariatric surgery in real life. The answer was that she hadn't had surgery but had had an accident. The Golden Globe nominee had torn her meniscus. What's that when it's at home? The meniscus in the body is knee tissue. And it's quite painful when it ruptures. But Metz won't let an injury stop her Golden Globe ceremony appearance, even if she may roll instead of walk up the red carpet.

Chrissy Metz has weight loss contract? Yes and No

No, there's no legal stipulation in her "This Is Us" contract that the plus-sized actress must drop pounds to play the role of obese Kate. But Chrissy Metz was given to understand when she took the part that Kate would lose weight (maybe with a lap band or bariatric surgery) at some point during her character progression.

So while weight loss isn't specifically required, it is imminent. Metz admitted that she may have said the word "contract," but did not mean the legal, binding kind, but the plan for the show. So no gastric bypass surgery, but somewhere on the horizon, obesity will have to be dealt with.

Chrissy Metz deals with "fat actress" stereotype

Overweight actors deal with a very niche, pervasive, and problematic discrimination. Many have found that they are chosen for roles because they are fat. They are bizarrely typecast and may even have character names that reflect their body style. Rebel Wilson played "fat Amy" in "Pitch Perfect," and Chrissy Metz was "Chubby" on "My Name is Earl." In "American Horror Story," Metz plays a freak. This profiling can come back to bite them if they try for non-caricature roles. If they lose weight, like Melissa McCarthy did, it can be disastrous. "Mike and Molly" was canceled precisely because McCarthy was no longer heavy enough to play Molly.