It's easy to say that Rob and Blac Chyna are over when there's evidence staring you right in the face, but is this evidence? Blac Chyna has been captured in recent pictures without her engagement ring on, which seems to many that this is offering up evidence that the two are really over this time.

So the ring is off?

Well you have to admit she could have taken the ring off for many other reasons like her fingers may be swollen or the ring is so big and clunky that it is getting in the way of Blac Chyna doing housework. It is hard to do dishes or wash the toilet bowl when a big rock is clinking against the porcelain.

Maybe the ring is catching on baby Dream Kardashian's clothing because it is so big, or maybe scratching Rob when she goes to hug him?

So what's a little canoodling with a stranger?

With that said, how about the mystery guy she's seen up close and personal with during the Super Bowl and recently again at a Japanese restaurant in West Hollywood? According to the website Oxygen, the two have been seen "canoodling." Blac Chyna didn't have her ring on even while with this unknown guy.

Maybe the ring was scratching him too? The writing has been on the wall for a very long time that Rob and Blac Chyna's relationship was held together by just a few stitches. The two have been on-again-off-again way too many times to make a serious go at stability.

Future in-laws

Rob's famous family has no love lost for Blac Chyna, who seemed to have an infatuation with the Kardashian name. The two aren't married and she took the liberty while engaged at attempting to trademark her name as a Kardashian, which the famous family put an abrupt halt to.

According to Oxygen, the guy that Blac Chyna has been seen "canoodling with" is just an old friend.

And again, that rock of hers may just be put aside for safe keeping because it is getting in the way.

Checking out the clues

With the new Rob & Chyna show coming soon fans will be tuning in to see if they can pick up any clues as to what brought them to this seemingly final split. The Elite Daily reports "the world shed some major tears when news broke Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna ended things last week."

As the Elite Daily suggests, fans of the couple have been in a constant state of confusion as to where their relationship is headed.

It seems that a source close to the couple is saying how Blac Chyna will disappear for days at a time and not communicate with Rob where she is. The source also says that Rob believes a split is the right decision.

Rob should move on

While the Kardashian family hasn't commented on Rob and Blac Chyna's news of a breakup again, most can surmise they won't be losing too much sleep over this. The Kardashian sisters will probably see this as the best thing for their baby brother Rob.