"Fox and Friends" offered up a segment on Tuesday morning about a new disorder that was coined after an influx of Democrats sought professional help because they couldn't stop crying over Hillary Clinton's loss. The grouping of symptoms that were seen and the reason given for the onset of these symptoms combined to make a distinct diagnosis.

The name given to this diagnosis is PESD. If it sounds familiar, that's because it is almost like PTSD, but unlike suffering from a traumatic event, as in the PTSD diagnosis, these folks are suffering from an election loss.

Post Election Stress Disorder or PESD, is considered the same as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, with one exception. The onset of PESD is caused by Hillary Clinton losing the election and Trump now sitting in the White House.

Democrats crying

The Daily Caller reports that "Democrats continue to experience a near-crippling depression since President Trump took office." Believe it or not, mental health professionals actually gave this certain type of depression and anxiety its own diagnosis, PESD.

Trump causing anxiety?

Some people are going as far as staying away from the news so they don't hear and see what Trump is doing today. They report doing this because Trump is making some of them very anxious.

Others have cut off their social media sites so they don't have to read about Trump. According to mental health professionals, Some of Hillary's supporters are showing clinical signs of depression over Trump in the White House.

One Clinton supporter talked to reporters saying "it's been crippling," when talking about the symptoms that popped up after Hillary's loss.

Waly Pfingsten told CNN News that he is "really angry," over Trump winning the election. He said he is carrying around much more anger than he ever thought he would over this.

Closes down Facebook

Pfingten was one of the folks who shut down his Facebook and stayed away from the news, but he said not knowing what Trump was doing made him even more anxious.

A psychologist who practices out of the Chicago suburbs, Nancy Molitor, said that after 28-years in this career she has never seen a level of stress like this.

'Uptick in anxiety'

Molitor said that she and her colleagues are seeing an "uptick in anxiety" since Trump's inauguration. People have told Molitor that they are "in mourning." Some people are so distracted by their levels of anxiety that they are getting into fender benders and going past stop signs without stopping. This of course could be dangerous.

Anger sets in

Others around the nation have reported with Trump in office; they are taking out their anger on friends and family members who supported Trump for president. Some of these folks are going to mental health professionals and leaving with the diagnosis PESD.

Does PESD mock PTSD?

"Fox and Friends" on Tuesday asks if this PESD mocks PTSD, which is a real debilitating disorder that many coming home from active duty in the military suffer. These men and women may have lost limbs who are suffering from PTSD. Then you have PESD folks upset over who won the election? What do you think?