If you're up-to-date on "The Bachelor," you probably found yourself wondering "what's up with that haunted house?" And with a show as staged as this one, a large dose of skepticism and suspicion is natural. But did anything supernatural actually take place in Episode 5?

'La Petite Fille'

Nick Viall takes his ten hot dates to the Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, also known as the Burnside Plantation, because what bonds lovebirds better than Mint Juleps and Ouiji boards? According to HoumasHouse.com, the plantation does exist, but the story of little "May" the ghost may not (at least, that's not her name).

Two inexplicable events did take place in Darrow, Louisiana years ago: "The Legend of The Gentlemen," and "La Petite Fille" (The Little Girl). The identity of the girl in the latter legend, however, is unknown.

Allegedly, when Kevin Kelly purchased the home in 2003, the many renovations stirred up a young spirit. Construction workers reported seeing a girl between the ages of 7-10 with dark eyes, brown hair, and a blue dress walking down the stairs and wandering through the halls. For many days, the paranormal activity quieted to a lull until the house reopened and guests reported seeing a little girl, with dark eyes, brown hair, and a blue dress wandering the halls (usually in the late afternoon/early evening) with a spirit of curiosity.

Leaning toward haunted

The plantation's history suggests that this little ghost "May" could be the daughter of Col. John Preston or the daughter of Col. William Porcher Miles and Harriet. The first fell ill and died in 1848, and the second died in 1900 at the age of 7. Reports say the ghost is likely one or the other.

Whether you're a skeptic like Jasmine, swayed like Jaimi, or would simply "rebuke that little ghost in the name of Jesus" like Raven, the Houmas House does exist, along with innumerable ghost sightings inside and around it. If you're in the neighborhood, just peek for yourself. You can tour the grounds, stay at the inn, and enjoy Louisiana cuisine while saving the mysteries of the afterlife for another reality show.