If you’ve been eagerly anticipating news on just what is going on with MTV’s “The shannara chronicles” since it was renewed for a second season nearly a year ago, you aren’t alone. The good news is that the show just started production on the second season in New Zealand. More good news? MTV’s fantasy series, based on the novels by Terry Goodkind, is adding a slew of new talent.

The story in season two

You might remember that Amberle (Poppy Drayton), Wil (Austin Butler), and Eretria (Ivana Baquero) succeeded in their season one quest to defeat evil and save the Ellcrys.

Of course, Amberle had to become the new tree in order to do it, which means she’s out of the picture in season two.

Eretria was captured by trolls in the final moments of the season, so she’s MIA when the season begins, but rest assured Rover fans, MTV promises she’ll meet up with her old friend Wil very soon. Speaking of Wil, he left his magical destiny behind after Amberle became a tree to focus on studying the healing arts. His new life gets interrupted pretty spectacularly in season two though.

As it turns out, saving the Ellcrys and defeating the evil Dagda Mor had consequences for the entire world. With more people aware that magic exists again, there are some who think magic is responsible for all of the bad things going on in the world and want to snuff it out, leading to attacks on those practicing - or those like Wil who have the ability to practice if they so choose.

Enter new character Mareth, who saves his life, and becomes integral to the story.

Malese Jow as Mareth

Joining the series is “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Flash” alum Malese Jow as Mareth. Not only does Mareth save Wil’s life, but she’s also got magical tricks up her own sleeves. She’s also “volatile and unpredictable” according to MTV, which should provide an interesting dynamic when the two meet up with Eretria again.

(MTV fans might remember her as the sorority president the girls targeted on “Sweet/Vicious.”)

Vanessa Morgan as Lyria

Also joining the series is Vanessa Morgan as a love interest for Eretria. MTV says they have a “romantic connection,” so it isn’t clear if the two are exes or current partners, but I’m sure everyone in the audience will be excited for more Eretria storylines.

Morgan previous appeared in MTV’s “Finding Carter” and Disney’s “My Baby-sitter’s a Vampire.”

Morgan shared an image of the cast bonding the night before filming began.

Gentry White as Garret

Gentry White, who you might have caught on the big screen in “Furious 7” or on the small screen in “UnReal” last season, has been added as Garret, a bounty hunter. Described as “wise-cracking” and with “roguish charm,” he loves the money bounty hunting brings in, but he loves a good fight even more. Chances are, the audience will see him going after their favorite heroes.

Caroline Chikezie as Queen Tamlin

No, you didn’t read that wrong.

Don’t worry, the Elfin monarchy is still in tact. Instead, Caroline Chikezie will play the queen of the human kingdom in the Four Lands, a place known as Leah. She's manipulative and her kingdom is a big weapons manufacturer, but she’s made an alliance with the elves. You’ll soon also see her on the big screen in “Mayhem” with “The Walking Dead” alum Steven Yeun.

Desmond Chiam as General Rigam

With the Four Lands in chaos, Desmond Chiam will be playing a member of the Elvish army who has gone rogue. He used to be one of the best, but now, he’s the one responsible for many of the problems the kingdom is having. Why? He’s one of the many who believes magic is responsible for all of the lives he’s seen lost.

He’s the leader of the new group The Crimson, who are out to rid the world of magic completely.

There’s no word yet on when MTV will debut season two of “The Shannara Chronicles,” but the new cast members are hard at work filming the season premiere this week.