"young and restless" spoilers tease tense moments ahead for Jill (Jess Walton) and Colin (Tristan Rogers) during the week of February 13. Jill finds out that Colin drained her personal bank accounts for an investment that didn't do as well as he hoped. He thought that the investment would pay off, so he could return the money to her account before she found out, but it didn't work out that way.

Jill has a hissy fit

"Young and Restless" spoilers tease that Colin is ashamed of himself for taking the money without giving her a heads up. He tries to apologize, but Jill won't have it.

According to Soap Opera Digest, halfway through Jill's meltdown, she starts having severe stomach pains. Colin tries to convince her to seek medical attention, but she refuses. Colin decides to call Billy (Jason Thompson) to try to talk her into getting care for her pain. He gets her to go to the doctor but is shocked when she learns that she has a serious medical condition.

Jill forced to make significant changes in her life

"Young and Restless" spoilers state that Jill goes to the hospital, but feels silly because she assumes her acid reflux is acting up due to stress. The doctors run a series of tests, just to be sure.

When the test results come back, Jill learns that she cannot leave because there's something really wrong with her.

The doctor reveals that if Jill doesn't change her lifestyle, she will only get sicker. Billy doesn't like the sound of that and urges his mom to do exactly as the doctors tell her. Jill realizes that she may have to kick her husband out since he is the source of her current stress levels.

Jill kicks Colin out?

The "Young and Restless" weekly promo showed Colin outside of Chancellor, naked after Jill tossed him out. Jill has to figure out how to handle Jack (Peter Bergman), Lauren (Tracey E Bregman), and Coilin without affecting her health.

Y&R fans, do you think Jill will forgive Colin for taking money from her? Will Jill sell Brash & Sassy to Victoria (Amelia Heinle)?

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