Unwed and pregnant Kailyn Lowry has nothing but pride in her pregnancy and blame for others. The "Teen Mom 2" star planned to get pregnant despite her recent divorce from Javi Marroquin. But in all the baby bliss, Lowry feels cheated out of her pregnancy reveal and criticized those who sold her out. Kailyn's spokesperson originally denied pregnancy questions and shamed folks for asking. Then Kailyn fessed up, boasted a lot of support and faulted her critics. That's a lot of blame from one who is happily expecting. Is this just a maneuver to deflect attention off the fact that the Reality TV star is again a baby mama but not a bride?

Who sold Kailyn Lowry out?

The reality television mom of two didn't name names but is hurt that "people in her life" gave away her pregnancy before she was ready to. It didn't quite go down that way however. A photoshopped picture was posted on Instagram showing Kailyn holding a positive pregnancy test. Lowry debunked the rumor. And anyway, nobody but Kailyn could confirm her pregnancy. Folks could only speculate and did when after her big weight loss, the "Teen Mom 2" star looked heavier. Kail hasn't named the baby's father and no one has claimed the child yet. Is she hinting that her ex Javi Marroquin or Jo Rivera fathered the child or that one of them gave her secret away? Marroquin did accuse his wife of cheating on him.

Kailyn Lowry wants pregnancy, privacy and publicity

Isn't it funny how celebrities proclaim to want privacy and then make every moment of their lives public? Reality television stars are the worst offenders. They go on shows like "Teen Mom" or "16 & Pregnant" because they love media attention. But then they bemoan the paparazzi.

And social media only makes the hypocrisy worse. People spray their personal lives on Facebook and Twitter and get upset because everyone knows their business. If anyone gave her away, it was Lowry herself in some provocative teasers on her website. When folks took the hint, she fessed up to the pregnancy. Lowry says she just wanted to enjoy her baby news alone but as a "Teen Mom 2" star she has celebrity status. Lowry signed away her privacy with the MTV contract.