Everyone's talking about Mama June Shannon and her total makeover after weight loss and plastic surgery. But nobody seems to notice the elephant in the living room which why she isn't helping her obese daughter Honey Boo Boo. What's up with the ex pageant star's massive weight gain?

Alana's shocking weight gain

Is it body-shaming to call out Alana Thompson's obesity? If it is fat-shaming to say that Mama June should look to her daughter's health, it's echoed by the medical community. June Shannon has a new reality television show, "From Not to Hot" bragging up her transformation.

She claims she's lost 150 pounds from healthier eating, diet, exercise, and weight loss surgery (plastic surgery). But Honey Boo Boo hasn't gotten the health upgrade memo. She's heavier than ever and lies at the foot of the exercise machine inhaling candy as it rolls off!

Mama June ignores weight loss advice

The ex-star of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is famous for her family's junk food diet. Alana Thompson lived on pageant crack (Pixie Stix and Mountain Dew). The "Toddlers & Tiaras" star craves deep-friend anything, including Oreos. "The Doctors" didn't worry about body shaming when they point blank told June and Alana to lose weight or they would die. Already, Alana's carnival food diet was causing morbid obesity, inflammation, and sluggishness.

"The Doctors" predicted heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, and a host of other obesity-related diseases in her very near future. The trailer for "From Not to Hot" shows that mother followed their advice for herself but not for her daughter.

Mama June makeover more fat-shaming?

The reality TV celebrity is all about improving her looks, but what's her motivation?

She began dating again and at least one blind date didn't go too well. Shannon seems to think self-esteem can only come from weight loss. At 354 pounds it certainly would be healthier, mentally and physicially. June boasted that diet and exercise lost her weight but then on "From Not to Hot" claimed the real makeover will come after weight loss surgery.

It's not clear, but it seems this won't be bariatric surgery but plastic surgery (chin reduction, breast implant procedure, liposuction, or fat freezing). She requested a tummy tuck on "Botched" recently but was denied.

HBB's obesity down to body-shaming?

Alana wasn't comfortable with Mama June undergoing weight loss surgery. Several of June's kids said they didn't want their mother looking too different. This suggests that it wasn't gastric bypass surgery but some kind of cosmetic procedure like a tummy tuck. Does June Shannon thinks she's unlovable without plastic surgery? Is she self fat-shaming? The only one who isn't concerned about weight loss is probably the one who should be. Entering the teen years 50-100 pounds overweight won't do Honey Boo Boo any good. Is she turned off of weight loss because her mom's obsessed with it?