Do you ever wonder how stars like Kim Kardashian get Red Carpet ready? Are you needing to lose weight for your wedding, prom or big dress-up event? Several celebrities dished up diet tips to lose weight fast. And you might be surprised at how common-sense the "KUWTK" star's are. Her personal trainer shared easy-to-digest weight loss tips that included no plastic surgery, crazy dieting, or fasting.

Kim Kardashian keeps fit with FitBit

That might be a bit of a letdown to find that the reality television diva uses a simple device like a digital pedometer.

Her personal trainer Harley Pasternak, who works with other big names like Rihanna and Megan Fox, says FitBit is a must. If they're doing 10,000 steps, he ups it to 12K a day in anticipation of a red carpet event. That's an easy weight loss tip if you're faithful to it. Pasternak keeps up with Kardashian's fitness by monitoring her on his computer and giving her a gentle kick in the butt if she gets behind.

Kim Kardashian crunches carbs

These diet tips just get easier and easier, right? Pasternak says that to lose weight super fast, just cut back on junk carbs. He also limits celebrities' net carb intake to 40 carbohydrates a day. This includes empty carbs and high-fiber good carbs like beans and whole grain breads.

The celebrity trainer has dieters track eating in a food journal. The personal trainer says that while eating good carbs in moderation won't cause obesity, it will make you bloat.

How Kim Kardashian's trainer cuts bloating

Bloating isn't belly fat exactly but it looks the same. Under a clingy red carpet evening gown (bridal gown, prom dress) every ounce of flesh shows.

So Pasternak curb-stomps carbs, and this is why. To convert carbs to glycogen (energy stored in the liver and muscles) they must bind with water. Consuming more carbs, good or bad, means more water stored in the body as bloat. And beans are extra fiberous and gassy. So cut back on all starch, carbs, bread, beans, pasta, potatoes and rice.

Kim Kardashian Spanx weight down

You remember how famous Kardashian is for her shapewear? Well, those form-fitting undergarments are a must-have under gowns. Julia Louis-Dreyfus confessed to suiting up with Spanx to keep unwelcome bulge at bay. So these ideas may not work for long-term weight loss, but for one-night events and all your red carpet needs, these "diet tips" can see you slimmer in days.