Karl Lagerfeld is an iconic fashion designer with an infamous unpredictably when speaking to the media. In the past, he has been caught fat-shaming celebrities and models, and even blamed Kim Kardashian after her robbery and home invasion in Paris. In an article with WWD, he launched a verbal attack on his most high-profile target: Meryl Streep.

The designer claims that Streep refused a dress from his couture collection for Chanel once the fashion house denied the actress payment for sporting the gown on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards. The claims were refuted Friday evening by her representatives in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter.

Designer claims dress was in production

According to Lagerfeld, the 20-time Oscar nominee approached him about an embroidered gray silk gown from his recent collection and had requested some alterations to the design, including raising the neckline, to better suit her more modest style. After initial designs were approved, the designer and his team began work on the production of the $100,000 dress. It was only then that Streep's team called to cancel the order of the gown.

While the work involved to create the dress in question is not known, some embroidered couture dresses can take up to 800 hours to complete. Lagerfeld, in his signature directness, had little to say about the acclaimed actress.

“A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?”

Actress and fashion label refute claims

After the Paris-based designer's interview was released on Friday, both a representative for Streep as well as one for Chanel released statements, denying the actress had ever expected payment. On Friday evening Streep's spokesperson told THR that the actress has never asked any designer or fashion house for compensation in exchange for wearing a red carpet gown, claiming doing so would be "against her personal ethics."

Chanel made it clear that the fashion house had been aware that the actress was considering gowns from multiple designers and had not confirmed any agreement to wear Lagerfeld's dress.

It is not clear whose dress the multiple Oscar winner will be donning on Sunday, but Chanel wants the public to know there are no hard feelings between their label and the actress. They say when the actress' stylist told them she had chosen another gown no reason was given, and that the designs had not been cancelled due to payment concerns.

"Chanel wishes to express our continued and deep respect for Ms. Streep."

Lagerfeld has yet to follow up with the media following these statements to contradict his claims.