Amy Duggar King revealed some painful memories about life in the Duggar Family on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars." This included revelations of assault by a family member. The young woman is trying to patch it up with husband Dillon King. Her admissions caused "19 Kids and Counting" patriarch Jim Bob Duggar to forbid his girls from seeing their cousin. "Counting On" Reality TV mom Michelle Duggar fears that Amy King is a bad influence. What did she reveal that was so shameful? And speaking of family trouble, what's up with the Duggars' own problem kid?

How's that sex rehab going for child molester Josh Duggar?

Amy Duggar King opens up on 'Marriage Boot Camp'

The WE tv show "Marriage Boot Camp" used a child actor to relive some of Duggar-King's memories. This brought the reality television star to tears remembering her parents' fights which were so bad she had to sleep outside to get any peace. Are those bad experiences what spurred marriage problems between Duggar and Dillon King? Mrs. King admits her life isn't picture perfect like her "19 Kids and Counting" cousins. She expressed anger over her husband's animal cruelty or what looked like that to her. Duggar-King says her husband dropped or tossed their kitten after it scratched him. She screamed that she doesn't want kids with him but King says it's worse than that.

Amy Duggar guilty of domestic violence?

Folks thought that the person Amy says hurt her was her husband. It wasn't. But Dillon says Amy has "taken a swing" at him before. Amy says it only happened once and that she was wrong about the kitten-throwing incident. But nevertheless, she's banned from her famous "19 Kids and Counting" family.

Is it because of the domestic violence admissions? Is it because she's maintained a friendship with Anna Duggar, wife of the pedophile son Josh Duggar? Or, is it because King shamed the family by admitting marriage problems? It could be that she was born out of wedlock. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have severed ties with other unwed mothers in the clan.

Amy Duggar might lead her cousins astray

At least that's what she says her aunt and uncle believe. King's lifestyle is a little looser than her celebrity cousins. Jim Bob and Michelle keep a tight rein on their kids, even the married ones. Jessa Seewald admits her parents don't like some of her parenting choices. Jinger Duggar went rogue daring to hold hands with Jeremy Vuolo before marriage. 26-year-old Jana Duggar is still homebound at her parents' wishes. Joy-Anna Duggar is starting to date, but under strict courtship rules. Their oldest son fondled his sisters, cheated on his wife, and maintained two Ashley Madison accounts. Still, it appears that Amy Duggar is the bigger danger.