Amy Duggar is somewhat of a reality television star. She appeared on "19 Kids and Counting" with her cousins, the Duggar Family. Amy is the niece of Jim Bob Duggar as her mother is his sister. She was often featured on the show, though as the children grew up, it seemed like they grew apart.

Cousin Amy gets married

In the Duggar family, marriage is a big deal. It is when the couple can finally live life together, holding hands and kissing for the very first time. Amy Duggar has always been a bit on the wild side, and with that, she was distanced from her cousins.

While they were occasionally out together on shopping trips or doing fun things, the interactions dwindled severely when she began dating dillon king. The two married in September of 2015, a year and a half ago. After that, Amy seemingly disappeared from the spotlight amid the scandals her older cousin, Josh Duggar, brought upon the family.

It is very shocking that Amy Duggar and Dillon King haven't started a family yet. Rumors have been circulating that she is unhappy with the way he treats her and refuses to begin a family until he changes the way he treats her. This would make sense based on the Duggars beliefs on reproduction. The two have been having issues within their marriage and decided to get help.

That decision has pushed her cousins even further away.

Amy and Dillon join 'Marriage Boot Camp' to fix their issues

Currently, Amy Duggar and Dillon King are appearing on "marriage boot camp." A lot of times couples on this show go on for the money and to help strengthen their marriages. This doesn't appear to be the case for these two.

During some of the exercises that are required, the tension among the two is so thick it could be cut with a knife. Last night, Duggar accused King of treating her like a child and even commented that it felt like she was "being raped" when it happens. That is a heavy accusation and words that stuck with viewers throughout the night.

It seems that there is a lot more going on in Amy Duggar's private life than anyone imagined. It is also not shocking that Jim Bob and Michelle wish to distance themselves from whatever will come next.