Everyone knows who the Duggars are, between their canceled reality TV show on TLC ("19 Kids and Counting") and their eldest son's (Josh Duggar) sex scandal back in 2015. Aside from their recent scandalous appearances in the news over the past couple of years, they are also known for their very strict religious views, especially on dating and premarital sex.

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar lied about their relationship

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have brought their kids up with very strict, religious views on dating. This includes no sex before marriage, no kissing before marriage, and even no hand-holding until engagement.

They refer to it as "courtship." They spoke of these views and beliefs in their show many times, especially in the episode where Josh and Anna Duggar got engaged. In the media, they have always had the image of being these good and faithful Christians, so you can imagine their response when they found out that one of their daughters had been having premarital sex.

Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, came out about her courtship with longtime friend, Austin Forsyth, 23, last November. But it seems as though the ninth of the Duggar children has not been following her parents' strict rules as well as she had been leading everyone to believe. According to sources, Joy-Anna had been lying about her relationship with Austin Forsyth.

It has been made apparent that the couple has actually been dating for over a year, and took no time in becoming intimate with one another.

Did the 19-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar have a pregnancy scare?

It has been brought to our attention that Joy-Anna and Austin have been intimate for over a year, thus leading them to having their first pregnancy scare.

The young couple made the decision to admit to Joy-Anna's conservative parents what they had done. Luckily, Joy-Anna turned out not to be pregnant, but that didn't change the fact that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar almost had another sex scandal on their hands. Granted, premarital sex is barely a crime, but in the eyes of the Duggars, you might as well have broken all ten commandments of the Bible.

Back in 2015, their son, Josh Duggar, was found to have molested multiple young girls (including his sisters) while he was a teen, as well as cheating on his wife, Anna, with multiple Ashley Madison accounts -- a website aimed at helping users find others to cheat on their partners with. He also had to go to rehab for porn addiction.

Perhaps they'll stop preaching about abstinence and just accept the fact that everyone's human, and start teaching their children about safe sex.