The repercussions of hiring a fake lawyer came back to bite ‘Pearson Specter Litt’ in a spectacular way, placing them amidst a dogfight the likes of which the firm had yet to encounter. It might have ended with Mike being released from prison, but it definitely took a massive toll on each and every member of the firm who stood up to defend one of their own. The mid-season premier highlights the fact that the consequences of the firm’s actions are far from faded, as the afterglow of the aftermath continues to rain down on the lawyers.

Dropping the ‘P’ in ‘PSL’

Losing Jessica might have been the biggest blow to the firm so far, and the effects of such a massive change was almost immediate. It stirs a lot of abandonment issues within Harvey, the kind he has had to fend off for a long time now due to his mother. He also has to make the tough call of choosing a managing partner between Lewis and himself, and although the choice is as plain as daylight, breaking the news to Lewis would end up becoming the biggest concern.

Harvey also gets gutted when Mike refuses to join the firm as a consultant, even after Harvey lays down the fact that he needs Mike by his side during these dire times. Despite the outright refusal from Mike’s part, Harvey is also concerned about Mike finding a job on his own after recently being released from prison.

He contacts Anita Gibbs to persuade her to give Mike a decent recommendation so that he can try and do some good in the world, but the plan backfires spectacularly.

An offer they can refuse

Robert Zane, being the overly protective father that he has always been, offers to merge with Specter and Litt in order to ensure that Rachel finds work in a firm that is still afloat.

Rachel makes her intentions of sticking with her ‘work family’ extremely clear, forcing Robert to make the offer to the partners left standing in PSL.

Although the offer was meant as a sign of goodwill, Lewis takes it as an insult, thereby resorting to some drastic measures in order to prove his worth. He teams up with Katrina, his former associate and current member of Zane’s firm, and convinces her to leave Zane’s firm along with 10 of the best associates there, offering a fast track to their career development.

Lewis’ path of revenge doesn’t end there though, as he continues to push his luck by going after Zane’s biggest client as well. After Robert gets wind of the situation transpiring behind his back, he unloads his frustration of Harvey, who thereafter unloads his own share of frustration on Lewis by telling him that he isn’t capable of being managing partner.

Unfortunately, Lewis already comes to the very same conclusion on his own, but makes amends in his own way by offering Rachel a 2nd year associate position as soon as she graduates.

Professor Mike

Mike takes the recent events in his life quite seriously after being released from prison, and decides to quit corporate law in order to pursue a more meaningful way of giving back to society.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t land too many offers due to the fact that he is now an ex-convict.

Father Walker, an old friend and confidant, helps Mike during his time of need by offering him a temporary job as a teacher in the church. The only catch is that Mike has to teach delinquents, and the young minds are already plenty aware of Mike’s sketchy past. Although this phases Mike a bit at first, he tries his best to bond with the students and offer honesty as a means to make a connection. Before things progress any further though, Mike is removed from the teaching role after one of the children complains to their parents about Mike’s past.

Mike and Harvey are left stranded in their own lives by the end of the episode, contemplating future courses of action.