Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray looked like the perfect couple on "Bachelor in Paradise." They were getting along great, got engaged, and Josh even moved out to California to live with her and her girls. It turns out that the two didn't work out, though. She has since moved on, and Josh is back in Atlanta. Now Amanda is talking about dating once again.

Is Amanda Stanton ready to find love?

It has been two months since Amanda and Josh split. She was actually spotted in Nashville kissing Wells Adams, but so far neither one of them have said a word about what is going on with them if anything.

Amanda actually did a live chat on her Instagram with fans and talked about dating and more. When talking about her split with Josh, she said: "We were very different people at the end of the day." Amanda basically just said that things don't work out sometimes.

When it comes to dating again, Amanda Stanton said that she will take it slower next time. Her girls obviously got really attached to Josh since he was living with them and around all the time. Amanda doesn't want to do that again. It had to be hard on the girls not having him around after they got so used to him being part of their life. It doesn't sound like she will introduce the next guy so fast.

Amanda Stanton did talk about going out on a date that is coming up, but it wasn't with Wells.

She will be going to coffee with someone and said that it isn't someone from the "Bachelor" franchise. It sounds like she will be keeping this a secret for now. Everyone would love to know the details of Amanda's dating life, but she will let everyone know when she wants to do it.

Do you think that Amanda Stanton should wait to start dating again since she has two daughters at home?

Did you think that Amanda and Josh were the perfect couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Nick Viall try to find love as "The Bachelor" on Monday nights on ABC. Nick did have a bit of a thing for Amanda at one time, but she chose Josh Murray over him.