Ali Fedotowsky is looking mighty trim these days after her 50-lb weight loss. The "Bachelorette" alum shed pregnancy weight gain in anticipation of her wedding. The most surprising part of Ali's weight loss is what she ate to achieve it -- carbs. That's right, Fedotowsky's diet consists of a fair portion of carbohydrates and you'll never guess what's on the menu.

Ali Fedotowsky accepts post-pregnancy body

It's easy for new moms who have been slender and in shape to feel a little disappointed in their postpartum bodies. After giving birth to baby Molly, the "Bachelorette" didn't rush to shed the pounds.

She accepted the belly fat that came with motherhood. But one thing the reality television star didn't like were the "weird dimples." Weight gain was one thing but cellulite quite another. The mom of one decided the dimples had to go. But even then, Ali took the healthy route, including sensible dieting and factoring in favorite foods.

Ali Fedotowsky's magic weight loss breakfast pasta

To prepare for her upcoming marriage to Kevin Manno, the young mom started eating healthier. Ali says 80 percent of getting the body to look the way you want is to mind what you put into it. Fedotowsky eats a lot of fish and veggies and other "whole foods." But two things she won't give up are pasta and wine. However, the celebrity has a plan to reduce the glycemic impact of carbs.

She eats pasta for breakfast so that it has all day to burn off. Ali's recipe is simple: angel hair pasta with vegan butter, Parmesan cheese, and squash. This resistant starch fills her up and curbs hunger too. Another way to balance good carbs is with high fiber and protein pasta like Barilla Protein Plus or legume pasta.

Explore Cuisine makes an organic edamame pasta with three times the normal amount of protein and loads of fiber. Celebrities like Beyonce have found that you can maintain healthy pregnancy weight eating clean and vegan.

'Bachelorette' credits baby with weight loss

So pregnancy packed on the pounds, but having the baby helped Ali Fedotowsky take off the baby weight gain.

Instead of letting herself get heavier, the new mom weaves exercise into her baby care regimen. It's important not to lose baby fat too quickly but it's also not healthy to leave it on too long. Many normally thin moms face obesity, Type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle diseases when they put on 50-70 pounds and then fail to shed it. Ali does squats when lifting the child and arm toning carrying baby and swinging her. Between diet and exercise, the reality television star has a "Revenge Body" worthy of Khloe Kardashian plus, is healthier than ever.