It was during the launch of her own line of handbags with the Bugatti Group in Las Vegas that E!News asked the 48-year old Canadian singer if she had any advice for her colleague Beyoncé Knowles (35), who is expecting twins.

“It’s a double blessing, really. I think she’s covered. Beyoncé knows what she’s doing,” said Céline Dion.

A close friend to Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z revealed that the celebrity couple had always wanted a big family. They had been trying for quite some time, so when they finally got the news of the new double addition they were over the moon from happiness.

The news that stormed the social media

In the beginning of February, Beyoncé and her Jay-Z announced they were expecting twins. The photo with which the singer illustrated the news became the most liked photo on Instagram with over 10.6 million likes.

Dion couldn’t help but admire Beyoncé’s maternity glow. “She looks amazing. She is so beautiful and makes women dream.” Dion also made a direct greeting to Beyoncé, “I love you, you know that. I wish her all the best! It’s going to be hectic around the house, but she is privileged and can get all the help she needs with the children. Of course, no one can substitute the mom, and she seems to be a fantastic mother.”

Beyoncé and Jay-Z already have one child together – the 5-year old daughter Blue Ivy.

Celine Dion also has three children, which kind of makes her an expert in the area – René-Charles (16) and the twins Eddy and Nelson (6). Dion lost her husband, René Angélil, to cancer in January last year, and only a week later her brother died, also of cancer.

Bey's second pregnancy generates new concerns

It's good that it's coming from Dion's mouth that Beyoncé's a great mother because over the years Bey has received a lot of criticism in regards to her parenting qualities.

On the one side, she has been accused of not being enough of a feminist, but on the other, of being too hard working and negligent about the well-being and the looks of her daughter, whom she'd let walk around with her hair all messy. And now, Bey's new pregnancy has brought a new debate on the agenda.

Some people seem to be very much concerned about the fact that despite her pregnancy Beyoncé is still giving full-blast performances on stage and that can be harmful to the unborn babies.

So far, however, Beyoncé doesn't seem to care much about the spiteful critics. Just a reminder: she is even scheduled to perform at the Coachella music festival in April. We are definitely looking forward to this one!