Alan Colmes was the quintessential Fox News liberal, which is to say that he was excellent in the cut and thrust of on-air arguments. Like Wellington’s soldier, he was able to defend the indefensible, albeit with zest and more than a little snark. Colmes was one of the people, like Bob Beckel, who provided the Balance in fair and balanced with an arresting style. He was able to keep his conservative opponents sharp and, when he was on the screen, things were never dull.

Colmes started his career at Fox as the liberal half of the “Hannity and Colmes Show” that began when FNC did.

He raised the blood pressure of many a conservative viewer when he articulated his side of the argument. In a way, his role was like that of a villainous character in pro wrestler, there for the audience to boo and hiss. But like most people, Colmes likely regarded himself as the hero in his own story, the lone champion of an ideology which, while pregnant with fallacy, was one that he sincerely believed in. 2009 Colmes retired from his TV perch, leaving the field to Hannity, to concentrate on his radio career and other projects, but was still a frequent guest on Fox News, holding up his side of the argument with enthusiasm.

Clearly, Colmes was a much nicer man off screen than he was on if one reads the testimonials included in the Fox News story that announced his death.

Every statement from old friends and co-workers mention his generosity and good humor, proving that just holding to a bad political philosophy does not necessarily a bad person. Everyone who has been caught up in political combat, in particular on the impersonal platform of social media, would do well to remember that, no matter what the persuasion.

The announcement of Alan Colmes’ death at 66 does not mention the illness that killed him, but it seems to have been mercifully brief. No doubt he is in the afterlife even as the gentle reader sees these words, aggravating everyone with his opinions while, perhaps, enjoying a new perspective on reality now that he is free of this mortal coil. Rest in peace, Mr. Colmes, for surely you have earned it.