Is "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry made of ice? That's what some viewers are asking after the reality television parent refused her son Isaac Rivera, 7, visits with his stepdad Javi Marroquin. After the divorce, the little boy was more interested in being with his stepfather than his mom, and told his birth father Jo Rivera so. Why is Lowry ignoring her son's request to see his beloved father figure? Is it just a selfish power struggle?

Kailyn Lowry plays wicked mom on 'Teen Mom 2'

In fairy tales it's the nasty stepmother whom children have to look out for.

But on reality television it's a bad mommy and good guy stepfather. At least that's how it looked to Isaac and show viewers on the latest episode of "Teen Mom 2." Kailyn Lowry turns a deaf ear and cold heart to her boy's pleas to visit Javi Marroquin in his new home. The child laments to his real father Jo Rivera that mom and Javi fight, but worse yet, she won't let him see the young man whom he's come to love. Viewers are saddened and angered at Lowry's "selfishness" (as several commenters expressed). Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar can speak on that wisdom of keeping family members apart.

Isaac Rivera torn by Kailyn Lowry's man troubles

After only a four-year marriage, the young Reality TV celebrities called it quits.

And Kailyn is obviously torn up over the breakup. But stuck in the middle is her child who has developed a relationship with Marroquin. His loyalties are divided just as if it was his real father. Lowry may see Javi as the perpetrator of the problems, and he may have a hand in them to an extent, but the child doesn't understand that.

Kailyn could learn from Mama June Shannon about how hard it is to juggle kids and relationships. She may also want to take a leaf from Kate Gosselin's book on this. The reality show mother brought much anxiety on herself by refusing to let her sextuplets and twins see their father.

'Teen Mom' reprises 'Kate Plus 8' drama?

Jon Gosselin was given court-ordered visitation rights after "Jon & Kate Plus 8" broke up.

Kate didn't keep scheduled visits or update dad on their children. The "Kate Plus 8" mother was ordered to give the children to their dad as per the divorce settlement. That drama caused great anxiety for at least two of the sextuplets. Hannah Gosselin ran away from home just so she could see dad, and mom put Collin Gosselin in a mental hospital for his post-divorce emotional problems. So Javi isn't Isaac's birth dad or maybe the ideal father? The "Teen Mom" may be doing more harm than good by keeping them apart.