The "Alaskan Bush People" didn't have much of a chance snagging a mate in the Alaskan bush, no matter how good their hunting skills were. As grown men in the wilderness, the sons that make up the "Alaskan Bush People" brood were bound to tire of tinkering with child-like inventions and living alone in a tree house or on the ground in a dwelling made of old tires. Nights are cold and at their age, they are looking for mates to share their very meager lives.

Love hits Browntown

Billy Brown, the patriarch of the family, and mom Ami Brown love having their brood all around them.

Still deep down they had to know that at least one of their kids would fly their wilderness nest when they found love. The "Alaskan Bush People" lifestyle is not something that many women would find intriguing. The lack of plumbing alone would be a game changer for many women.

Double whammy

With that said both Noah Brown and Josh Brown have found love. Noah's girlfriend Rhain has been able to handle all Noah's sappy lines of love so far and the pictures of the two together seem to indicate they are happy, like the one below.

Strike a pose

One can't help wonder if Rhain is happy with Noah or happy to be on TV? Does Rhain see Noah or does she see a foot in the door when it comes to being on TV? The few photos of Rhain and Noah together have Noah just about drooling as he gazes at his new love interest, but Rhain seems to be striking a pose and looking straight at the camera.

No red carpet in Browntown

The way Rhain poses for the pictures are reminiscent of a celebrity walking the red carpet. Time will tell with this one and so far there's no plans for Noah to leave the "Alaskan Bush People" and their town for a dwelling in civilization. The same can't be said about Josh, he is following his love to the big city.

Josh and Ali

Josh Brown, on the other hand, has fallen in love with one of the producers of the "Alaskan Bush People" show. He has been dating Allison Kagan for a while and the second eldest son has decided to follow Allison to the lower 48 states and leave Browntown. Since Alison is one of the producers of the show, if the show does go into another season, it would only stand to reason that he'd come back to Browntown with Alison.

Josh, aka "Bam" has squashed the rumors that he and Ali were already married, as that hasn't happened. He was seen sporting a ring on his finger last summer in pictures when he and Allison took a vacation together in the Big Apple.

Ami sees vessels for potential grand babies!

It looks like Ami Brown is a step or two closer to getting those grandbabies she often talks about. As the rest of the world see Rhain and Allison as the love interests of the brown boys, Ami sees them as vessels that one day may deliver her those grandbabies!