She believes she's a Barron Trump look-alike, so Comedian Shannon Noll not only created a role for herself as Barron, she wrote a show in which she stars as the First Son. What is baffling the Chicago comedian today is the horrendous amount of backlash she is getting online after "Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime" premiered Saturday night.

Backlash whine

The 10-year-old son of President Trump and First Lady Melania is off limits, which it should be for any child when it comes to ridicule. The White House had a asked the public to leave Barron Trump alone, which came on the heels of the "Saturday Night Live" writer's disparaging remark.

Since that time there doesn't seem to be any new mean-spirited remarks making their way into the headlines concerning Barron.

Baffled by outrage

Noll appears baffled as to why she has gotten "aggressive and alarming backlash on the Internet," reports the Chicago Reader. Facebook and Twitter have been the vessels delivering harassment and death threats to Noll after opening the show created around Barron Trump on Saturday night. Even a preview of the show that was written up in the Chicago Reader received threatening remarks, Noll reports.

Bad timing

So what did Noll expect? Death threats should always be off limits, as well as the transphobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic and racists comments that were sent Noll's way. But didn't she even have an inkling that some good old fashion backlash was bound to emerge? The kind of backlash that accuses her of cashing in by using a child to get a laugh and in this case the child would be Barron Trump?

She opened her show about Barron Trump, playing the role of the First Son in the middle of a world-wide debate regarding kids of the president being fair game or not for comedians.

Yet today she is confused as to why backlash has erupted.

Keep kids out of it

It appears leaving the kids alone is the front runner for the majority of the thinking today. The country as a whole should be ashamed at some of the things that appeared in the media and social media about Barron. With the amount of people willing to go to bat online to keep the trolls away from Barron Trump, it appears folks are fed up with this new and very disturbing trend.

It was done with respect

This trend of treating kids as adults when it comes to delivering a punch line should have never started in the first place. Still Shannon Noll defends her show saying that Barron was not at all a subject of ridicule, he was never made the butt of a joke and he was treated with respect. Just the fact that Barron's name appears in the title of a comedy show seems to negate all of the above.