Justin Bieber may have well passed his "Baby" days look, but that hasn't stopped the "Biebs" from bringing back that classic side swoop hairstyle that drove all the young girls wild.

Justin Bieber's constantly changing looks

Justin was spotted out and about earlier this week by TMZ paparazzi at Montage Beverly Hills getting ready to dine on some lunch with one big noticeable difference in his look: his hair. The soon-to-be 23-year-old pop star has definitely had his share of changes over the years -- not only his looks, but also the type of media attention the singer has received since his early years as the cute youngster that took the world by storm after being discovered on YouTube.

His talent remains, but fans over the years have had some issues with his attitude changes and behavior. Justin has grown as much as his music through the years, and he has also had his share of controversy. The singer has faced more than his share of legal troubles mostly brought on by the fact that he was given too much success, money, freedom, and power, at a time when he was just too immature to handle all the pressure that comes with fame.

Fans still love 'Baby' no matter what year JB performs it

Bieber fans who still greatly love his music would love nothing more than to see Justin's attitude toward life, his success, and his fans return, along with that hairstyle of Bieber past. As recently reported by Yahoo News Justin is still dealing with the aftermath of that famous 2014 egging crime.

The victim of the egging is now claiming he needs more money, to the tune of over one million dollars due to the fact that he has experienced so much pain and suffering from the ordeal. It just never ends for the "Biebs." Come on now, is anyone really going to buy that the egging crime caused this much distress for the victim?

Now back to Justin Bieber's hair, could it be that Justin 2017 is looking to get back to basics, or has he just run out of new hair style ideas? Like it or love it, should he keep the old look?