Finally, the manga number 21 of "Dragon Ball Super" has been leaked on the internet. This immediately continues the events of chapter 20 where Trunks tells Goku and Vegeta to escape the past to find a way to beat Zamasu and Black. As the Z warriors escape, Trunks is dealing with Black in a fierce fight. Chapter 21 of the manga begins with the present, while Trunks, as a boy, trains with Shu and Pilaf (something that was named in the anime a short time ago). Mai asks about Trunks in the future. Vegeta had just left the time room and is ready to return to the future.

Something interesting is happening, the great fight between Black and Vegta. Who would win the battle? Next, we share with you the latest details filtered about the manga, which is coming to its end. Let’s see below.

Black and Vegeta have a great battle in the future

There is a fight in the future that pits Trunks against Black. Both of them perform well, and it seems that both fighters are even until Black begins to pull away as the one claiming the advantage. Mai grabs the sword of Trunks and tries to help in the fight against Zamasu. We are not sure if she is the one who nails Zamasu with the sword in the chest. But of course, being immortal, it does not do anything to him. Black attacks Mai in retaliation.

The arrival of the Kaio Shin of Universe 7

Gowasu and Shin, the Kaio Shin of Universe 7 are both surprised by the current situation, and it seems that there is a flashback where Gowasu is assassinated by Black. Not all the images of the manga have been filtered, but from what is seen, Trunks does not have any special transformation at the moment.

The chapter ends when Goku, who was training at Kame House, manages to master Master Roshi's Mafuba. As we know from the anime, that technique is vital later in being able to defeat Zamasu.

Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of the series, with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. In the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.